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Park Hair

Right now, excessive tree clearing in Australia is reducing the koala's natural habitat, destroying their homes and food supply, leaving them with nowhere to go and at risk of starvation. A loss of habitat and their hunt for food is also bringing koalas into more frequent contact with humans and domestic pets, leading to thousands of koalas being hospitalised or killed each year. It's a crisis in our own backyard, and without intervention, koalas are facing extinction.So we wanted to do our part to help these beautiful Australian icons by sponsoring a koala!

A bit about these gorgeous animals

  • Weighing up to 12kgs, with tail less bodies, fluffy ears and a dark nose, Koalas are instantly recognisable as an Australian symbol.
  • An adult Koala eats between 0.5-1kgs of eucalyptus leaves every day and receives about 90% of its dehydration from.
  • Found nowhere else in world but eastern Australia, koalas are usually found purched up high in the braches of gum trees.
  • Koalas spend most of their life sleeping at about 18 hours a day.
  • The koalas closest living relative is the wombat.
For more information head over to the WWF website

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